How To Format Windows

Every problem has a solution same with the case of your computer sometimes erros happens which doesn’t get fixed easily if it’s based on some software issues or your windows get corrupted Format is the last best resource you can try out.

It usually sort out any kind of software related issus but at the same time it deletes every file exit on the drive.

So, before you think about formatting your drive make sure format is actually needed because it might be a simple problem which can be solved without need of any format but if it’s a major problem you can try this last option.


You first need a windows CD which you want to install you can install either windows 7 or windows 8 it’s your choice but it’s better to go with the upgraded one no when you put that cd on your dvd reader.

You get a short amount of time which will prompt you boot the windows if that option does work just make sure to hit enter when your restart your pc and make sure that windows disk must have in their.

In that format menu choose the drive which you want to format it’s advisable to format a specific area where you have installed windows as it going to delete every file associate with that drive so before formatting you can also copy every file from that drive to the new drive.

after formatting windows will automatically get installed but you need to wait for 30 minutes or more depending on the what you are installing and it will ask for 16 digit window key which comes with your cd put that and your windows will be installed.